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About WomboCombos

WomboCombos is a user submitted and user rated DotA 2 Hero Combo site. The aim of the site is to list the best DotA 2 hero combos and present them with user submitted ratings and comments. There are pages for all individual DotA2 Heros listing their best synergies, as well as being able to view every combo by its combo tags, stuff like dual stun, aoe damage, amplify damage, global combos.

How to match heroes to make a combo?

There are many combos that work well together. Typically heroes that can chain stuns or disables work well together. So two reliable stuns like with Sven and Vengeful Spirit, or two stuns where one is unmissable, like Wraith King’s Wraithfire Blast timed well with a long range Mirana arrow can also work well. Other types of combo that can work well are with heroes that are mana intensive coupled with a hero that increases mana regen, such as Phantom Lancer and Keeper of the Light or Phantom Lancer and Crystal Maiden.

What makes a combo work

Some hero combinations can work best in lane, some in team fights, some are strong early game and some get stronger as the game goes on. It is important to coordinate well with your partner(s) to make sure you are making sure you use the combo properly.