Sven & Vengeful Spirit

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The Combo

Sven and Vengeful Spirit have nearly the perfect synergy. This hero combination isn’t so much about any individual ability combination but every ability they have makes for great laning stage, early gank potential, as well as both having the ability to carry, particularly Sven.

Combo Strengths

+ Double Stun

Both heroes have a reliable stun with good duration to lock down an enemy for 3 secs even at level 1.

+ Armor Buff and Debuff

Warcry and Wave of Terror allow you to create a massive AOE difference in the armor to tank physical damage and further amplify Sven's damage output.

+ Chase Down

+ Damage Amplification



Snowballed with this combo, defo recommend if you’re bored


Really good laning partners and pretty solid late game in team fights.

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